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Ph.D. Research

Lusha`s ph.d. research


1.1 Personal Motivation

I spent my childhood in grandparents’ house. My grandfather is a famous professor of ophthalmology in mainland China. He is specialist in ocular fundus diseases which are the main cause to visually impaired. I witnessed thousands of patients made a special trip to my grandfather’s home. After curing their eyesight, they were appreciation of his assistant of truly life changing. They even kneeled down to convey their appreciation. I can truly understand how crucial eyesight is for them.

Having graduated in industrial and interaction design, I took a position as an industrial designer, designing consumer products such as Polycom, Belkin at Pip Tompkins Studio in Los Angeles. On a business trip to the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas. I encountered thousands electronic products being presented at the show which made me think that designers put great effort into designing products in order to let normal people live better, but few products design specially for the visually impaired people.

This inspired me to level the playing field bridge the gap between the visual and redress the experience balance between sighted and visually impaired people individual. In July 2016, this passion led me to enroll on a Ph.D. program to explore the needs for people of visual impaired. One of the initial areas of investigation was to explore the physiological landscape which gives rights to experience enhancing iOS applications.

我们无法阻止这个世界上的不幸, 但可以用自己的设计力量为他们做一些事。设计可以为了美和欲望,也可以为了让更多有特殊需求的人活得更好。

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The software be used for this Ph.D project.