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Lift is a response to a brief by the design firm Aruliden to develop a smart object for the connected. Using their design methodology of "producting" we developed a smart device capable of making any room feel four times as large through scent. 

In our research they discovered three key insights. One, smart home devices like Nest neglect a growing market of "downsizers". People who are willing to trade in the idea of owning the "American dream" home in favor of a more simple, less materialistic life.  Such people find the idea of micro homes liberating, freeing themselves from high mortgage payments, utility bills, cleaning, and general upkeep. Two, in small spaces it hard to change your mindset. And finally scent has the ability to influence mood.

Scent is the most direct of all our senses. It is often our first response to stimuli. It alerts us to firebefore we see flames. It makes us recoil before we taste rotten food. That’s because scent more than any other sense is intimately linked to parts of the brain that process emotion and associative learning.  In short smell can affect our mood and change our perception of space.



Armed with this knowledge, Lift uses four essential oil diffusers to activate any number of scents. With four compartments and a central heating chamber, the device can create a scent notification for any occasion.  When paired with a smartphone it can set a morning reminder to wake you up to the aroma of pancakes or help you refocus in the afternoon with the scent of coffee.  When buying Lift, it comes with four sample scents. A quick visit to the website allows you to customize the scents to any “trigger” you like. Then sync the scents to your phone.


Product & Brand Strategy

75% of our emotions can
be generated by scent in a given day
— ScentAir

It is offered to people who live in small spaces. It can change the small space into differnet environments.

Our sense of smell is at work even when we are sleeping

 You can use your phone to set up your actions. For example: in the morning, Lift will begin to release a bacon scent about a half hour before you wake up at 8:00. This is set up by a timer you set yourself. People might feel sleepy when they work or study at their homes. 

By using Lift, you can focus on your work since it can release coffee scents that evoke a coffee shop setting. After a day of work, people often unwind by lying on a couch or bed. Then, you can use Lift which can release a fresh, natural scent, such such as air after a rain shower. This would make them rather go outside than stay indoors.


The forms are inspired the mountain top of Chinese mountains, the spouts of volcanos and the dispersement of smoke through the air.

There is a wide selection of scent cartridges to choose from, so lift can be personalized.

 You can put in four cartridges at a time for different parts of the day.